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Have you experienced getting locked out of your car? How about getting locked out of your own home?


You need not worry because Colorado Springs Locksmith can help you if you are experiencing these problems and if you live anywhere in the Colorado Springs area. We provide auto lockout and home lockout services for customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


You can call us at (719) 362-5034 to know more about our services!



Rest assured that we can provide fast response times in as little as 20 minutes after your call. We will send out our licensed and experienced locksmiths to handle you lock out problems in no time!



If you need quality locksmith services in Colorado Springs, you only have one number to call-(719) 362-5034!


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  • 20 Minutes Response
  • 24 / 7¬†availability
  • Low Rates!



Call us now at (719) 362-5034!


Colorado S. Locksmith, serving the Colorado Springs metro 24 hours a day!

  • FAQs:

    I want 3 – 4 locks in the office to open using a single key. Can you do that?

    Yes, we surely can. In fact, we can show you which locks can be grouped together for rekeying. Take the key that you wish to use to open different locks in your office. If you can insert the key into the lock, but can't turn it, then that lock can be rekeyed to fit a single key. You can test all of the locks in your office this way.

    What is a transponder key?

    A transponder key is a special key with an embedded microchip that uses radio transmission to start a car. It is usually used in high end cars as a security measure to deter car thieves from stealing the car. A transponder key can be programmed to only open and start a specific car.

    What do you mean by lock rekey?

    Lock rekey is a way of rearranging the configuration of the pins inside a lock cylinder. This will cause the original key to become obsolete in opening them. Lock rekey is considered as a more affordable and quicker alternative to changing the locks in case their original keys get lost or stolen without further need of totally replacing them.

    At what time can I contact you?

    You can call us anytime! We are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays!

    How can a locksmith help me in my business?

    Businesses need to have a secure location in order to deter possible theft and burglary. Locksmiths can help provide your commercial establishment with a wide range of security systems and features in order to help keep your investments safe and secure.

    A fully licensed locksmith can help provide a wide range of security services including electronic access control systems installations, alarm system repair and installation, high security lock installation and many more.

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